image Absolutely Homesick: Five Things I Miss About Home

Absolutely Homesick

Just realized that this is the longest stretch I have ever been in Saudi Arabia without leaving! No Bahrain, Dubai, or USA to serve as emotional bandages. Seven months and counting…

Five Things I Miss About Home…

1. Crab Cakes



2. The color green.


3. Using the bathroom in a public place without having to hold my abaya in my teeth and my pants rolled up to my knees.


4. Driving


5. My family!!!!!!!




As always, salaam wa alaikum.











Photography Credits


2. Susquehanna State Park Wiki





  1. Asalamu alaikum wa ramatullahi wa barakatuh Habeebti, I am not in KSA yet but I am living far away from my home country as well. And surprisingly Canada is really far from France in the cultural aspect too where … KSA seems to get closer ! Ah ah. I’m talking about things such as food and gathering (except that in France there is no gender segregation). Of course, KSA and France can be soooo different and even opposite on many points BUT not about food ! Not about having tight relationship with family and friends (KSA even is tighter than us if I believe my husband). And I miss my people and my French food the most : organic, fresh, seasonal, local, you name it.

    If I had to do a list … (not in order!)

    1) I miss traveling cheap in Europe where the landscapes can change so drastically in few kilometers

    2) I miss having family sunday bbq

    3) I miss my parents the most

    4) I miss cheeeeeeeeeeeeese and bread (I’m such a cliché)

    5) I miss the transportation system (I’m a parisian cliché #1)

    6) I miss the amazing bookstores !!!!!

    7) I miss Monoprix (I’m a parisian cliché #2)

    Better stop here or I will pursue until sunrise …

    But here and always Alhamdulelah for everything. I am also truly happy for the things I am learning here and the opportunities I get by living here. Ah ! And the people I met❤ So truly Alhamdulelah for every step in life.

    Wa salam,

    P.S: my comment is so self-orientated, it is a shame😦 lol

  2. Before getting married to a Kuwaiti I had lived in Kuwait and the UAE for over 10 years. I was fortunate that I traveled… often. Anywhere and everywhere I wanted to go, I went. I was absolutely never in one country for more than just a few weeks without taking a break. After getting married we didn’t travel quite as often but my husband still made sure we left the country at least once every couple of months. And if he couldn’t go, he would send me for a few days alone.

    Of course you can’t just travel off alone so I can definitely understand your homesickness and/or wanderlust. Perhaps you can explain to your husband how you’re feeling and you can get away together for a Bahrain weekend?

    Wishing you all the best. It’s tough, I know.

    • I wish I could! I am actually having a visa issue which is why I am hostage here😦 We have always visited UAE or Bahrain before, but this time I can’t exit until the issue gets settled! AAAAAAAAAAHHHH LOOOL Bookrah in sha Allah at its finest!

  3. I feel your pain. I felt the sorrow of lack of greenery when I first moved to Cairo a few years ago. I grew to love the Nile instead, and literally sought out my comforts. I know Saudi is a whole new world, not just land. InshaAllah things will settle down for you.

    – LY.

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